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Evolution or Demolition;

Of Our Own Design

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Evolution or Demolition?

Of Our Own Design

We are approaching a confluence of crises. We face a number of catastrophic problems, any one of which could end our civilization, if not the existence of higher life forms on this planet. Climate change, energy depletion, a whole host of resource depletion issues, mass extinction, overpopulation, chemical proliferation, the failure of agriculture, the contamination and depletion of fresh water sources, the collapse of oceanic ecosystems, deforestation, the burgeoning of debt and social malaise are only a few of the crises currently approaching critical. And all of these crises are of our own design.

We are approaching a nexus in our own evolution. Before us are two main paths, one leads to extinction and the other to illumination. The history of civilization — and of western civilization in particular — is the history of a species divorced from the world in which it lives. It is the duality of ego and the other, an objectified and mechanical world without a soul where mankind justifies everything he does simply on the basis of his ability to do it while maintaining a separation from the impact of his actions. It is, in essence, a sociopathic perspective on life.

Our ignorance of our connection to the world in which we live and our own true identity have led us to this nexus where we now face a confluence of global crises, any one of which could exterminate our species and leave the biosphere tattered and impoverished for some time to come.

Or we can wake up into a new world where our identity does not end at our skin.

Homo Luminous

To survive through the coming decades, it is time for humanity to wake up, hatch out of the ego egg that has bound us for hundreds of years, and grow up. It is time for us to follow the latest advances of physics and biology into a new world of self understanding.

Our identity and our existence do not end at our skin, or at the outer edge of our ego. We are intimately connected to everything that exists in this moment — so intimately connected that there is no point where one ends and the other begins. Everything that exists in this moment is our soulmate. Everything that exists in this moment is us. And waking up to this reality will carry us into a new world beyond our imagining.

Nor is this just a bunch of new age mumbo-jumbo. It has the weight of physics, biology and chaos/complexity theory behind it. In the theoretical physics of David Bohm, we form our reality in every moment from an implicated quantum field of holographic interference patterns, where everything is related and all possibilities exist. From this, we attract into our reality what matches the vibration of our thoughts — both conscious and unconscious — as amplified through our emotions.

And when we fully manage to step through that door, we will find ourselves in a wonderland beyond the dreams even of Lewis Carroll.

Proceeding a Little Further Down the Path

For more on the nature of reality and our coming evolution of conscious, check out the following page:

Earth Seeds

And you can peruse the literally hundreds of Quantum Meditations posted to this site.

Here are a few key pieces:

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Supporting Articles

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