3 comments on “Navigating Infinity

  1. The Electric Chair

    on the table you will
    find cheese & biscuits

    so please take your coat
    off as we don’t usually

    stand on ceremony finding
    informality preferable

    under the circumstances.

    we believe our guests should
    be as comfortable as

    possible even indulging
    a little those things which

    might have been before
    just out of reach; we have

    available women of various
    ages & types also & if

    you should prefer boys
    or perhaps beating (there

    have been quite a few who
    seem fond of that which is

    surprising here but i
    can tell you some stories

    later) we hope you will
    not mind those straps &

    buckles on the chair but
    we do try to keep the wires

    to a minimum & discreet.
    that button you press for

    music, the other is for the
    watcher to come & talk or

    bring more food (we don’t
    believe in guards) the third

    button you press only when
    you strap yourself in. Be

    careful when you do that you
    lock those sleeves around

    the wrist close as cufflinks.
    yessir it is up to you &

    i quite agree it is peculiar
    how few last out seven days

    but the voltage is high & you
    burn very quick indeed. it is

    ultimately your choice & the
    only limit upon reality

    however i must go &
    prepare for the late batch

    which should arrive any
    minute now although we have

    no clocks & there is no way
    we can turn out the lights.

    (c) Rae Desmond Jones ,….. Seems roughly in the same pessimistic direction …

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